Royal Canin & Purina Foods

Royal Canin & Purina diets

Royal Canin & Purina prescription diets

These are two different brands of  prescription diets from two long-standing companies with reputations for excellent quality control and high quality standards.   We do not carry Science Diet foods.

royal canin food

  • RC Satiety diets... weight management
  • RC S/O regular and moderate calorie... urinary tract diets for stone/crystal control
  • RC Renal LP in pork... kidney disease management
  • RC Recovery... convalescing patients
  • Rabbit, venison and duck limited antigen foods... food allergies
  • Purina DM... diabetes management
  • Purina UR... urinary tract management
  • Purina NF... kidney disease management
  • Purina HA... food allergies
  • Purina EN... sensitive stomach
  • other foods not carried by these companies may sometimes be special ordered

purina food