Royal Canin & Purina Foods

Royal Canin & Purina diets

Royal Canin & Purina prescription diets

These are two different brands of  prescription diets from two long-standing companies with reputations for excellent quality control and high quality standards.   They also have very high palatability standards.  We do not carry Science Diet foods but can write prescriptions for those when needed to be used at another facility.

royal canin food

  • RC Satiety diets... weight management
  • RC S/O regular and moderate calorie... urinary tract diets for stone/crystal control
  • RC Renal LP in pork... kidney disease management
  • RC Recovery... convalescing patients
  • RC Rabbit & venison limited antigen foods, also hydrolyzed protein ... food allergies
  • Purina DM... diabetes management
  • Purina UR... urinary tract management
  • Purina HA... food allergies
  • Purina EN... sensitive stomach