Laser Declaw

Laser declaw

Coastal Cat Clinic does NOT recommend that you declaw your cat. Declawing is NOT just a short nail trim.  It is a painful surgery which involves amputating each of the kitty's toes at the last knuckle joint.  Most cats can be trained to use scratching posts, corrugated cardboard flats, or use Soft Paws nail caps.

Cornell has released a new video on destructive scratching.  Please watch it first before deciding to declaw.   Your cat will thank you!


Managing destructive scratching behavior


This is a downloadable brochure about alternatives to declawing and more information, well worth the read.

However... we also understand that some cats are incorrigible and that some owners have special medical concerns or circumstances which make declawing (for them, not the cat) a necessity.  If a cat *must* be declawed, we believe that it is most humane to do it with our CO2 laser.  The laser cauterizes as it cuts, so we do not have to use tourniquets or pressure wraps (which can cause a lot of other long or short term  complications in and of themselves!) as you would with a standard procedure.  There is significantly less bleeding and painfulness after a laser declaw versus a regular declaw.  We do wrap  the feet lightly after surgery to protect the incision sites overnight, but it is NOT a pressure wrap, and the kitties are typically able to walk fairly well the day after surgery when they are discharged to their owners with a special litter to be used for about a week afterwards.

To the best of my knowledge,  Coastal Cat Clinic is the only veterinarian in Onslow County with laser declaw capability.