Early Spay/Neuter

Early spay and neuter

Not every veterinarian agrees on exactly when the best age for spaying and neutering should be.

At Coastal Cat Clinic, with few exceptions we encourage people to have their kitties spayed and neutered as young as about 4 months of age (4 pounds body weight). At this age, they will not be old enough yet to be in heat, pregnant, or typically mature enough to start spraying urine in the house, and at that age they are typically mature enough to handle anesthesia well. (We like boring, predictable surgeries!)

Despite wives tales to the contrary, cats do NOT need to be at least 6 months of age and do NOT need to have a litter before being spayed or neutered. In fact, there are many specially equipped shelters and humane associations in the US these days that are spaying and neutering kittens at 2 months of age and younger without any sort of long term problems.

You can call our office to discuss prices and the procedures in more detail during normal office hours, or drop us an e-mail.  Our veterinarian will need to have examined your pet prior to scheduling surgery to be sure that your cat is in good health, is current on all pertinent vaccines, and to discuss any sort of questions or concerns that you may have and to address any abnormalities found during your cat's physical exam.