Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness

What will you do in the event of hurricanes, flooding, etc?

ASPCA article on disaster preparedness

This link will help you find pet-friendly shelters all over the USA. http://petfriendlytravel.com/pet_shelters

Jacksonville has a pet-friendly shelter at the Jacksonville Commons Middle School.  You must stay with your pet while there.  You can't drop them off and leave.


Pet Disaster Preparedness for Renters and Homeowners (this is another resource from US Insurance Agents, very complete)


The following is reprinted from a pamphlet provided by Onslow County Animal Response Team:


The best way to protect your family from the effects of a disaster is to have a disaster plan.  If you are a pet owner, that plan must include your pets - their lives depend on you.

If you must evacuate your home in the event of an emergency, the most important thing you can do to protect your pets is to TAKE THEM WITH YOU.  Thousands of pets were killed or injured when they were left behind during Hurricane Floyd.

Make advance emergency plans for your pet.  Ask a friend or relative if they will care for your animal, or make arrangements with one of the local boarding kennels listed in this brochure.  There is also a list of local area motels which will accept pets in an emergency - call them to make arrangements to stay there if you can.  Some have limits as to the size of animal accepted and may require a deposit.

Make sure your pet has some form of permanent identification such as a microchip or tattoo to ensure that it can be returned to you if it gets lost and carry a current photograph of your pet with you.



Animal House;  665 Bell Fork Rd, Jacksonville (910)353-2684

Bar-B's Pampered Pooch - Pet Motel;  405 Center St, Jacksonville (910)577-7297

Castle Dog Boarding;  845 Parkertown Rd, Hubert (910)326-6738

Town & Country Pet Center, Inc;  850 Bell Fork Rd, Jacksonville (910)455-5331



Best-Rest Inn;   455-2063

Hampton Inn;   347-6500

Innkeeper;   938-0800

Jacksonville Comfort Suites;   346-8900

Keene's Motor Lodge;   324-4104

Microtel Inn & Suites;   455-4142

Sunset Inn;   347-3311

Super 8 Motel;   455-6888

Triangle Motor Inn;   455-4923

Travelers Inn;   347-1948

Cape Carteret Parkerton Inn;   (252)393-9000

Pollocksville Trent Motel;   (252)224-6311



Keep a "Pet Emergency Kit" ready.  We expect hurricanes in this area, but other emergencies such as forest fires or hazardous waste spills can also force people to leave their homes.  Your kit should include:

  • two weeks worth of pet's medication
  • pet's medical and vaccination records
  • leash
  • collar with identification tag
  • water
  • food
  • bowls
  • bedding
  • litter/pan


There will be an emergency pet shelter co-located with the Red Cross shelter at Jacksonville Commons Middle School in the event of a disaster this year.  This is a result of the efforts of the volunteers of the County Animal Response Team (C.A.R.T.) with the cooperation of the Onslow County Board of Education, Animal Control, Cooperative Extension Service, and Emergency Management.

Dogs, cats and caged birds which are accompanied by their owners staying in the shelter will be accepted.  No other types of animals will be accepted.  Only individuals who have checked in to stay at the emergency shelter themselves will be allowed to bring pets.  Pets will be housed in an area separate from humans, but owners are expected to provide care (feeding and exercising) for their own pets.  C.A.R.T. volunteers will provide overnight for the emergency pet shelter and will provide care for pets of the elderly and disabled.

The following items must be brought with your pet to the emergency shelter:

  • crate for dogs & cats; cages for birds
  • pet food (enough for 72 hours) and bowls
  • pet's medication
  • pet's vaccination records
  • collar with ID tag and leash

If you and your pet cannot stay with friends or family or utilize one of the pet-friendly hotels or boarding kennels listed in this brochure, the Onslow County Animal Response Team encourages you to seek shelter at the Red Cross shelter located at Jacksonville Commons Middle School.

Wherever you go, take your pets with your - they depend on you for their safety!


For more information on the Onslow County animal Response Team (C.A.R.T.) and how you can help, please contact:

Melissa Huffman, Agricultural Extension Agent, Melissa_Huffman (at) ncsu.edu

Dino Einsig, Onslow County Animal Control Director, Dino_Einsig (at) co.onslow.nc.us