Misc FAQ

  • Why does surgery cost what it does? There are many reasons for this.  The sedatives, pain meds, gas anesthesia, surgical instruments, anesthesia machines, monitoring equipment, sterilizing equipment, surgical gloves, gowns, suture material etc that all of us want, need and expect to allow us to practice the safest quality medicine that we can all cost money to buy and maintain.   Then there is the expense of the doctor's and veterinary nurse's time.  All of these things add up.  Be assured that we do what we can to safely and responsibly keep your costs down as much as we can, but there is still cost involved.
  • Do you put cats to sleep? We do NOT do convenience euthanasias. Other places do, and you can call around, but we will not help you with this.   If you don't want your cat anymore or need to move, that is not a good reason to kill it, in our opinion.  We have a link to listings of local humane organizations on this web site where you can try to place your cat in another home.  If your cat has an illness and is suffering, we can help your cat humanely on its way.
  • How do I know when it is "time" to euthanize my cat? When one or all of its 5 basic freedoms are compromised.  1) Freedom from hunger and thirst   2) Freedom from physical discomfort   3) Freedom from pain injury and disease   4) Freedom from fear and distress   5) Freedom to express normal behavior  6*) other things to bring into consideration  are: does your kitty still seem happy to see you?  is he/she aware of his/her surroundings?  does he/she still enjoy their favorite treats?  can he/she sleep in a comfortable position?  does he/she still enjoy previously pleasant interactions such as petting, being held, etc? (these ideals about animal "freedoms" come courtesy of Nanuet Animal Hospital in Nanuet, NY)  A quality of life scale such as the one found here can be used to help you to decide when your cat should be humanely euthanized.
  • Will you euthanize my cat at home? Regrettably, we are unable to perform at-home euthanasias.  You can thank the lawyers for that, since Dr. Smith's liability insurance does not cover her when she is not practicing AT her designated facility.  Also, that aside, since we are a 1 doctor practice, if that 1 doctor leaves, there is no one on the premises to see appointments and take care of the sick cats in the hospital.
  • What should I know about traveling with my pet? The AVMA has published a nice article about common issues and information about traveling with your pet, whether in a car, on a plane, etc and can be found here.