About The Clinic

About the clinic

  • Do I need an appointment? Yes, you will need to call us at (910)938-4515 or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an appointment.  The reasons for this are many, but include the fact that with only one doctor and a small staff, we have to use our time efficiently.  Also, cats kept waiting tend to be grumpier than they need to be.  By scheduling appointments, we try to get your kitty (and you) in and out as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimize stress to you, your cat, and our doctor and staff.  Ideally this gives every cat the opportunity for the best veterinary experience possible.  Our office hours are 8-5 Monday through Friday, closed on weekends.
  • Do you board cats? Yes we do.  We offer "bark-free" boarding.  We have large cat cages with perches and porthole doors into other compartments.  Space and season-permitting, boarders usually get to use 2 sections of cage during their stay.  Boarding kitties have a view of the front lobby and supervise the waiting room!   During Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other high-boarding times, cats may only be given a single section of cage, but even that is more space than you'll have available from other local boarding facilities. Our rates are competitive with other boarding facilities in the area.  No weekend admissions/discharges are permitted.  No hurricane boarding is accepted.
  • What is needed for my cat to board with you? All cats must be spayed or neutered if old enough!   All cats need to be in good health, current on rabies and distemper vaccines, and be free of external parasites.  If your cat has any external parasites (fleas/ticks/ear mites), they WILL be treated with an appropriate product, usually Advantage Multi or Frontline at your expense since these little beasties will invite themselves onto other peoples' pets.  We will board stable diabetics and other pets with stable illness who are already patients at our practice but we can not extend that benefit to non-clients.
  • Are you open on the weekends? No, we are not open to the public on the weekends at all for any reason.  We do not discharge any hospitalized or boarding patients over the weekend.  Staff comes daily over weekends to feed, water, etc, but the doors will not be opened.
  • Do you write health certificates? Yes, we will write health certificates for our own clients.  We do not offer this service for non-clients.  Inter-state health certificates are not nearly as involved as international certificates with the exception of Hawaii.  Some international health certificates require months of preliminary arrangements, microchips, rabies titers, etc.  We are not a pet travel agency.  We are a veterinary facility and as such can not guarantee flight schedules, weather, etc.  A great deal of planning on the part of the owner is required for some international health certificates (esp travel to Britain, Japan, etc... even travel to Hawaii may require multiple jumps through hoops of fire in order to avoid lengthy, costly quarantines).
  • Will I see the same veterinarian each visit? Yes, unless you happen to have an appointment on one of only a few days a year when Dr. Smith is out of town for continuing education, her own doctor's visits, or planned vacation, we only have one doctor.  We will let you know in advance if Dr. Smith is not going to be in (very rare), so you will always see the same veterinarian each visit.
  • We are a veterinarian for cats only.  We don't see dogs at all (not even little ones).   :)