Halloween is coming

Soon the scary monsters will be knocking at your door begging for candy.  This can be a very frightening time for especially a nervous pet.  This is a nice article on things you can do to prepare your pets for Halloween, from chocolate issues to anxiety and more.


No-kill NC shelters

I have fielded several questions lately from folks needing to re-home pets and those looking to find no-kill shelters in the area.  Sadly, there are none anywhere near here, but this is a link to the no-kill shelters that do exist in NC.  For other help placing a pet, you can see our local rescue group page here.  If you are trying to enlist the help of a rescue group, your chances of success will be greater if your pet is already spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccines, is recently combo tested, and if you can foster the pet for a while for them as their foster homes tend to become overwhelmed quickly.


Upcoming shortage of non-adjuvanted rabies vaccine

I was surprised to find out at a continuing education dinner last night that Merial, the manufacturer of our rabies vaccine (Purevax), has temporarily stopped shipment to correct a manufacturing issue they discovered.  What this means is that the only non-adjuvanted rabies vaccine made will be unavailable to us until very likely late June.  At this time we still have a good supply of unaffected lots of the vaccine, but they will expire on May 2.  Since we feel strongly about not using adjuvants in cats due to their suspected role in the formation of vaccine-induced sarcomas, we will have more Purevax available to you as soon as it is available to us.  In the meantime, we will be forced to give adjuvanted rabies vaccines when necessary, unfortunately.  To avoid this, if your cat will be due for his or her rabies vaccine in the near future, you may consider scheduling early (prior to May 2) in order to not be overdue vaccines and to not have to receive the adjuvanted vaccine.  Merial is also committed to feline health, so they are working diligently to try to correct the issues found ASAP.

*edited article to reflect actual vaccine expiration of May 2 instead of May 20 as previously noted. 4/22/14

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Wow, 9 years already?

Hard to believe that I've been at this for the last 9 years.  On June 1, 2005, I purchased Coastal Cat Clinic from its previous owner, and I don't think I've ever looked back or regretted the decision.  We have had some hard times, some slim times, but mostly we have had great times here at the clinic as myself and my staff do exactly what we love doing:  caring for cats!  Here's to another 9+ years to come.  Also sort of as an unintended anniversary present, Merial has filled all of its backorders to us for the Purevax feline rabies, so we can continue giving your cat the safest rabies vaccine on the market.

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As we move towards spring....

... we are currently working our way through dental health month (February is dental health month).  During February, we offer a 10% discount on the routine dental cleanings that we do here. Time to take advantage of a little savings on something that needs to be done occasionally to keep our cats' mouths healthy.

Also, if you are a bit behind on getting that little girl spayed, you may soon learn the definition of the word "caterwaul".  We will spay or neuter any cat over the age of 4 months (usually about 4 pounds).  As winter becomes spring time, it is likely that any un-spayed female feline will soon begin going in and out of heat (sometimes incessantly).  We need to have personally seen your cat in the recent past to be sure that they are healthy enough for surgery and are current with any needed vaccines, and so that you have a chance to speak with the surgeon and ask any questions that you may have about the procedure.  After that, we can get your cat scheduled for surgery usually very shortly thereafter, sometimes the following day if arrangements are made in advance.  Call to schedule an appointment.