It's Kitten Season

It's that time of year again:  kitten season.  While we'd like to get all the cats in the area spayed and neutered due to our huge overpopulation problems, once those little squirmy bundles of fur arrive, they will warm your heart in no time flat.  But if something happens to mommy cat, how do you take care of the little tiny helpless kittens?  The kitten-rescue website is a great resource to answer all the questions we've been fielding lately.


How do you know when it is time to let your furry friend go?

We are frequently asked how to know when it is time to euthanize your cat.  The answer is seldom an absolute and depends a lot on circumstances.  But eventually in every cat's life, there comes an end point.  All living things die.  Death is a natural ending to life.  But how do you know when it is time?  Age isn't a disease, and we do not do convenience euthanasias here.  We will put your cat out if his or her misery if it is medically necessary, but not because she peed on the carpet, you need to move, or you don't want her anymore.

If you have a pet who has a major medical issue which can not be fixed, here is a good guide to knowing when it is "time".

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We are here for cats and their people.

Hello!  Here at Coastal Cat Clinic, we believe that the veterinary experience of you and your cat should be outstanding.  We are a cat-only facility with weekday hours, so no barking dogs will be present to scare your kitty.  We pride ourselves on running a punctual appointment schedule, so barring the very rare emergency, you can expect to be seen at your appointment time.  We are small and dedicated to the care of your feline friend.  We do well-patient visits for vaccines, de-worming, flea prevention, and health/surgical consultations.  We also see and treat sick cats and have in-house blood machines and a standard x-ray machine, so that some or all of your testing can be available the same day as your appointment.  We do routine surgeries such as spays and neuters, laser declaws (though we do discourage declawing).  We can also do several non-routine surgeries after consultation.  If something requires more equipment or (wo)man power than we have available, we can refer to several other hospitals in the Wilmington or Triangle area.  We hope you'll give a try when your kitty needs something.

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Planned closings in 2015

Happy New Year and we hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  To help schedule planning for 2015, here are a list of our expected closings for the year.

Jan 1 -- New Years Day

April 3 -- Good Friday

May 25 -- Memorial Day

Sept 7 -- Labor Day

Nov 11 -- Veteran's Day

Nov 25 -- close at noon

Nov 26 -- Thanksgiving

Nov 27 -- closed all day

Dec 24 -- close at noon

Dec 25 -- Christmas

Dec 31 -- close at noon

Jan 1 -- New Years Day


Halloween is coming

Soon the scary monsters will be knocking at your door begging for candy.  This can be a very frightening time for especially a nervous pet.  This is a nice article on things you can do to prepare your pets for Halloween, from chocolate issues to anxiety and more.